This program is for artistic expression, self healing, empowerment and to equip educators, practitioners and caregivers with tools to best support those they serve.  

The art created by the program participants will be featured in the BalancedArts Collective collection to raise money for the Trails Youth Initiatives and for the Jean Augustine Centre. 

 A portion of each students’ tuition for this program will also support the children’s charities.  This program is for individuals committed to finding balance, expressing themselves through the arts and supporting the next generation.  

For self healing and empowering the caregiver, practitioner or educator

9 Week Intensive

Live online sessions and virtual learning -Live online classes 2 hrs for 9 weeks  BalancedArts participants learn about: 

  • The chakra system 
  • Meditation practices and Therapeutic Art techniques for balance
  • Techniques to strengthen the immune system 
  • Mindfulness techniques to relieve stress 
  • Understanding different aspects of one’s self 
  • Importance of self care and self love 
  • Love Language  
  • Learning and healing style  
  • Ayurveda- The 3 Doshas and how to find balance 

Gain a toolkit of resources for clients, students or families

Module 2- 9

  • Each week we do a detailed exploration of each chakra
  • We explore imbalances within each chakra and how to bring balance  
  • Balancing techniques for each chakra using the five senses 
  • Sight- colours and symbolism associated with each chakra 
  • Touch- balancing yoga postures 
  • Taste- balancing foods and spices for each chakra 
  • Sound- sound energetics and mantras for balance 
  • Scent- recommended aromatherapy oils for each chakra
  • Final Module- integration and connection to the Doshas  

Part 2  Practicum 

  • Leading an 8 week BalacedArts workshop 
  • Each participant creates a proposal for the style of practicum they would like to complete which can connect to their already existing qualifications.  
  • Each practicum should be a minimum of 8 weeks
  • Final report submitted on the process, the experience and the observed results at the end of the practicum  
  • 3 online meetings for support 
  • Available for questions by email and in the Facebook group 

Ideas: Ex. – Using holistic techniques in a Homeschool program with your children 

  • Creating a chakra balancing yoga series (if certified as a yoga instructor) 
  • Leading a chakra themed art class series for children or adults 
  • Creating a movement workshop series that incorporates chakra work
  • Leading a mindfulness workshop series at school with students and or teachers (as a certified teacher) 
  • Lead a music class series that incorporates the chakras 
  • At home with the family, teach an 8 week mindfulness class 
  • ** Chakra balancing and energy work is reserved for those who have a professional qualification. Unless qualified, one cannot claim to be a practitioner. Recommendations and support can be given to those who would like to further their studies in holistic health.  

Continuing Education credits available with Yoga Alliance  (24 hrs)  

5 continuing education credits with the NHPC (The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association)