Mindful Arts Workshops and Holistic Health Services

For corporate groups, student groups, and individuals.

By Micah Nelson, Founder of Balance First Workshops

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Mindful art workshops

Experience our painting workshops where mindful creativity takes centre stage, encouraging you to delve into your inner world through intentional art.

sound healing

In our sound healing sessions, we use instruments like singing bowls to melt tension away, promote relaxation and restore balance.


Our yoga sessions are more than just physical exercise; they're an invitation to find inner balance and strength through mindful movement and breath.

ayurvedic workshops

Discover how to optimize your health and vitality through Ayurvedic practices, covering nutrition, lifestyle practices, and natural healing methods.


Our meditation sessions provide a pathway to cultivate resilience, clarity, and a profound sense of inner calm in your daily life.


Learn the techniques of Japanese energy healing practice, Reiki, and discover how to channel its energy for stress reduction and self-healing

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Who we are

Balance First Workshops is a holistic health organization that provides arts and wellness workshops to student groups, corporate groups, and individuals.

Micah, the founder of Balance First Workshops, is a holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor, and artist. She is also an elementary school teacher and best-selling author.

Programs at Balance First Workshops range from Mindful Art Workshops, Meditation, Sound Healings, Yoga, Ayurvedic Workshops, and Reiki—catered to various skill levels and interests.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey by tapping into your creativity and embracing  holistic health for profound healing and empowerment.



Had such a great mindful paint session! Loved Micah so much! So sweet and supportive !!

Michelle Sig 

Amazing experience!!! I love Micah and she made me feel like I was professional. Can't wait to do this again.

Alexanda Fraser 

Amazing artistic workshops! Participants were guided throughout the class, very entertaining, relaxing and unwinding .


The Balanced Arts Program- Holistic Arts and Chakra Educator Certificate

Transform your life and the lives of others by becoming a Holistic Arts and Chakra Educator.    

This program is ideal for those who seek balance and healing but who also want to positively impact the lives of others. 

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